Exhibition Identity 🌸

Identity is a multilayered structure through which we understand ourselves and navigate in any given environment. All identities are interconnected and exist in relation to others. Artwork can be seen as continuum of artist’s identity whereas any interpretation of art is influenced by the spectator’s identity. When looking at an artwork you perceive it through yourself – what do you see?

Hugo Simberg’s dream world (1873–1917)

Hugo Simberg’s work is an enhancement of the senses. He has created a dream world which requires symbolic means to interpret it. He composes metaphors with coherence and continuity. Subtle colours enter a mental landscape where movements are on the border of sleep and consciousness.

Timo Andersson — Painting and aesthetics in thought process

A visit at Timo Andersson’s studio in Merihaka in October 2021 unveiled how naturally painting can become part of the thought process and a way of life. Violet works in progress around the studio space during the visit created an atmosphere of fairytale magic and nostalgia of childhood.