Light 〰️ Making things visible


Connections 🖇️ Between conscious and subconscious


A connection is a given event, an instant of time in a point of space. It allows the flow of things, dialogue, flexibility in change, and concordance, leading to the ability to respond to challenges. How do pieces gather for an entity, what are the links amidst fragments, and where goes the limit of awareness?

Positions and directions 🗺️ 🧭


Space is a condition for objects to exist, and it appears only with objects in it. Positions and directions explore the spatiality and its interfaces, the relativity between the objects and their orientations. What is your current position and direction – where are you now and where are you going?

Identity 🌸


Identity is a multilayered structure through which we understand ourselves and navigate in any given environment. All identities are interconnected and exist in relation to others. Artwork can be seen as continuum of artist’s identity whereas any interpretation of art is influenced by the spectator’s identity. When looking at an artwork you perceive it through yourself – what do you see?